Pet policy

Pet policy

Acceptable Pets - We welcome all well-mannered dogs. We reserve the right to require immediate removal of any pet that displays dangerous or unacceptable behavior, including, but not limited to, biting, excessive noise (such as barking), evidence of disease, or urination/defecation in public areas.

No more than two (2) pets may occupy a guestroom. Each guest is responsible for all charges that relate to the removal of his / her pet, including but not limited to transportation and kennel charges.

Pet-Friendly Areas - Pets are allowed only in the following areas: Guest Room, Main Lobby, Outside. Pets are not allowed in public areas where F&B is served or consumed and SPA. Please dispose of pet waste in the receptacle provided.

Pet Control / Containment in Public Areas Pets must be leashed, caged, or firmly held when they are in all common areas of the hotel.

Housekeeping - For the safety and comfort of your pet, Housekeeping will enter your room only if: (a) your pet is not present, or (b) you are present and can monitor your pet (dog’s must be on a leash).

Damages caused by my pet to my suite, its furnishings, or any other part of the hotel are my sole responsibility. I understand that my account will be charged commensurate to the cost of such damages.

The guest suite is subject to damage inspection at any time and upon checkout.

Noise/Disruptive Complaints: If hotel management receives more than 2 (two) complaints, alternative arrangements must be made for a pet. The non-refundable pet fee will not be refunded once the pet has been in the guest suite.

Please be aware that a non-refundable pet fee will be charged to your to cover the cost of additional and necessary cleaning in preparation for our next guest. If room fumigation is required due to pest infestation an additional fee over and above the cleaning fee will apply.