Legs carboxytherapy

Legs carboxytherapy

Oxygen SPA offers a new service/treatment - carboxytherapy of the feet. The procedure is performed by injecting CO₂ gas into a sealed sterile ONEMED latex-free sock, which is placed on one or both legs up to the upper third of the thigh, while breathing medical oxygen through a mask.

The use of CO₂ has been clinically proven to improve blood circulation to the skin and body, increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the tissues, normalise blood pressure, and have a positive effect on cellulite.


- Improves blood circulation;

- Dilates coronary vessels;

- Dilates and strengthens capillaries;

- Normalises blood pressure;

- Soothing;

- Relieves pain;

- Relaxes muscles;

- Improves cellular respiration;

- Improves metabolism;

- Cleanses the skin;

- Strengthens connective tissue.

 The recommended course of treatment is between 10 and 14 treatments, performed daily or every other day.

Duration 30 min. - 20 Eur. 

Book now by calling +370 606 65244 or email  medical@egospa.lt .