Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: restoring and protecting health

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: restoring and protecting health

If your body doesn't get enough oxygen, you'll start to feel overtired and depressed. Smiles are also erased by the slow passage of time when you are recovering from plastic surgery, dental intervention or a sports injury. We invite you to our Oxygen SPA treatment and oxygen therapy centre - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Its sessions bring you back to your everyday life, without it being like a bad dream. This therapy not only solves the health problems mentioned above, but also prevents possible discomfort.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: scientific facts, not myths

Chances are you've heard advice on how to enjoy life, how to get well faster and how to avoid health problems today and tomorrow. But you don't know if the advice you've heard is effective or what consequences it might have. "At Oxygen Spa, we rely on scientific evidence, not myths.

We were looking for another effective way to create a routine for our guests that is free from health problems. That's why we were the first in the Baltics to purchase a ten-seater hyperbaric oxygenation chamber, known as a barocamera for short. It is manufactured by Submarine Manufacturing & Products Limited (SMP Ltd), a British company with several decades of experience.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a scientific and time-tested method of oxygenating your entire body. It helps in the treatment of more than 30 different diseases and injuries, as well as in delaying the ageing process and preventing health problems. It has been proven to:

  •  stops the growth of disease-causing bacteria;
  •  regenerates blood vessels;
  •  strengthens the whole immune system;
  •  improves your quality of life.

20 times more oxygen

HBO chamber - an airtight room. Inside, our guests breathe pure medical oxygen in specially tailored clothing and sealed face masks. The air in the chamber is pressurised to a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres, which is equivalent to the pressure at a depth of 10 metres under water. The process is supervised by our specially trained professionals.

When you breathe pure oxygen, 5 times more oxygen molecules enter your body than normal. When you breathe pure oxygen in a barochamber, your body receives up to 20 times more oxygen molecules than under normal conditions. The blood and all body tissues are maximally oxygenated, metabolism and blood circulation are activated, and various detoxification and regeneration processes are triggered.

Delay ageing and recover faster from surgery

The barochamber sessions are recommended by a wide range of specialists:

  • Doctors who help to delay the ageing process;
  • Plastic surgeons and other surgical interventionists;
  • Dermatologists and aesthetic treatment specialists;
  • Dentists;
  • Sports medicine rehabilitation therapists and experts.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy rejuvenates blood cells in a biological sense, stimulates collagen synthesis and other regenerative processes and delays the ageing of the body. Delay ageing with a scientifically proven method.

In the post-operative period, everyone wants the mirror to become a friend rather than an enemy. Studies have shown that this therapy is useful after plastic and cosmetic surgery, as it helps wounds heal faster, reduces post-operative bruising and swelling, and helps inflammation to heal faster. The increased oxygen content of the therapy allows the body to regenerate skin cells quickly, which reduces the likelihood of scarring and improves the final result of the aesthetic procedure. Sessions in the barochamber are not only useful after surgical procedures. The oxygen removes toxins that cause skin discoloration, rejuvenating, revitalizing and beautifying the skin. Make friends with the mirror soon!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: solve dental and sports injury problems

Dentists know the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. If you have problems in their area, a session in our barochamber will speed up the healing of wounds after dental implants or jaw surgery, prevent or speed up periodontitis, improve circulation to the soft tissues, help prevent various infections, and stimulate healthy tissues. Come and see us to enjoy your appearance faster!

Do you play sports? Great! Unfortunately, it's not only professional athletes who suffer from injuries. Sports medicine knows that hyperbaric oxygenation sessions for stress fractures and other difficult cases accelerate the healing of sports injuries, speed up the athlete's recovery time and significantly reduce traumatic complications of ligaments and tendons. In addition, oxygenation of the body restores tired muscles, improves the ventilatory capacity of the lungs and increases physical performance.

Invest in your tomorrow's well-being today in Birštonas!

Invest in your health, not when it's limping. Today you can make sure that no problems will mar your life tomorrow. A session in our barochamber will help you avoid illness, strengthen your entire immune system and maintain your well-being. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been proven to be effective in preventing health problems.

We are not the only ones who can help you for prevention, therapy or treatment. "Oxygen SPA is located in the legendary Birštonas on the Nemunas. If you want even more tranquility, you can take a stroll in the park in the city center. Would you like to broaden your horizons with art? You'll be impressed by the park's sculpture trail, which features works by famous Lithuanian artists. If you're into active pursuits, you'll find plenty of them in Birštonas.

Experience the balance of a cozy Birštonas with the tranquility of nature, the spirit of art and the pleasures of the city!

The first treatment lasts 120 minutes:

up to 30 min. doctor's consultation,

Preparation for the procedure (dressing and safety briefing),

80 min treatment (10 min compression, 60 min isopressure, 10 min decompression).

Important to know!

A medical consultation at the Oxygen SPA Centre is required before a bar camera session. Consultation is mandatory.

If you have a specific illness, a referral from your family doctor or other specialist is required.

Details of your treatment are always provided in the E.health.

In case of failure due to the patient's fault (e.g. refusal), the doctor's consultation fee is 30 EUR. 

A breakfast is required before the procedure.

No coffee or smoking 6 hours before the procedure.


1 session - 79 Eur.

2 - 5 sessions - 59 € each.

6 sessions and more - 49 € each.

Contacts for booking:

Phone +370 606 65244.

Email: info@oxygenspa.lt.