Egoist, you have entered a territory where egoism reigns supreme.

Egoist, you have entered a territory where egoism reigns supreme.

Ego Spa - for those who know how to satisfy their self-love. Only for hedonists who know how enjoyable it is to play life. Our space is for you and your ego, looking for uniqueness.

Art Deco. Postmodernism. Colours.

When you walk through our doors, you'll find yourself in an inspiring and vibrant world where neither the gravity of everyday life nor the routine of reality apply. A playful eclecticism washes over you... It combines the lines of early-century Art Deco with the postmodern ideas of the Memphis Group. Bright, bold colours tickle your eyes not only in the lobby but also in the rooms.

Make yourself comfortable in your room. You look around... and you see: time has turned into intense colours. It's as comfortable as if you were at home. The difference is that it's more impressive than the walls of your house!

Spa universe and gastronomic tricks

Take your ego by the hand and travel to our spa universe. Original spa rituals for both him and her, with cosmetics from the exclusive Comfort Zone brand. You choose what you want. The effect is bigger than you or your ego expected.

Visit the chic EGO SPA restaurant. Its kitchen guru, Erik Janerik, presents modern gastronomic tricks sprinkled with ancient traditions, while you enjoy your meal with eyes wide open...

Birštonas: ego resort

EGO SPA is a self-love emporium located in Birštonas. It's a small resort with its own ego. You won't confuse this town on the loops of the Nemunas with any other. If you wish, you will find the Kneipp Garden, the Sculpture Trail in the City Park with the works of famous Lithuanian artists, and entertainment for active self-lovers.

Are you an adult egoist?... An incorrigible hedonist? A pleasure stalker? We accept all kinds!